Questions and Answers Q. What is the difference between an au pair and nanny?

A. Au pairs are generally young adults who come to Australia primarily to improve their English, if they are from non English speaking background and to experience the Australian culture. They are treated as a member of the family who help with the children, some light housework and cooking. They usually only work 30 hours per week and live in.


Nannies are qualified child carers and as such receive a higher salary and work longer hours.


All my au pairs and nannies are live in only.


Q. What are the hours?

A. Generally a live in au pair works 30 hours per week and this may include some evening baby-sitting. They can do more hours if required. Nannies tend to work 40 hours per week or more.


Q. What is the usual rate of pay?


For a live in au pair the weekly rate starts at AUD$240 ($8 an hour) a week for 30 hours for a young girl with very little experience. The usual rate for a good au pair is usually $270+ for 30 hours. ($9-$10 an hour) The family provides the au pair with their own bedroom, meals and pays for utilities. If the hours are more than 30 per week then the rate of pay would increase accordingly. A nanny would receive a higher starting rate of at least AUD$300.00 per week.


Q. What are the benefits of using people for people versus an online agency where the girl is placed with you before she arrives here ?


Most au pairs look good on paper and most au pairs come across well on skype. But the important thing is to meet a girl face to face and make sure she has the personality that fits your household. You have to live with her for at least 6 months! We interview all applicants for you which saves valuable time and energy. After over 20 years of having au pairs and placing au pairs we know the type of girls familes like. We also know the visa requirements and only send you girls who are legally allowed to work here. The girls submit a resume with references and a photo. We can check overseas references. The main point is you actually get to meet as many girls as you like until you meet the right one. She will come to your house, see her bedroom, meet the children and understand your suburb location. There are no nasty surprises. Often with other agencies a girl will arrive and not like the suburb or her bedroom and they can leave without notice. This rarely happens with my interview process.

You are not inundated with phone calls to your home that could compromise your privacy. We can give you a much greater variety of applicants that will match your needs more closely. You are sure they come with the correct visa that allows them to work here. We give the girls precise directions to your home so they make the interview on time and prepared.

Q. What fee will the family have to pay our agency?


A. Our fee's range from $650 to $850 (Including GST) for a 6 month placement or more. The fee could be reduced for a less than 3 month placement. We do not invoice you until the au pair / nanny has moved in and you are happy with them. Payment of this invoice is due 1 month after they move in when you are happy with the candidate. We have no application fee.


Q. What guarantee do we have if the au pair/nanny does not work out?


A. We guarantee that if it does not work out and you have paid your placement fee then we will find a replacement free of charge.


Q. Where do you place au pairs and how does it work?


A. We place au pairs in Sydney only. This is done on a face to face interview basis only. This is where the girl is already in Sydney and comes out and meets you before you decide if she is right for your family. We keep sending you candidates until you find the right girl for your family.


Q. Who is the employer after the placement has taken place?


A. Once the placement is made you become the employer. You need to make sure all your obligations as an employer are met. For more information you could contact a company called Domestic payroll who for an annual fee will manage all your paperwork. Further information can be found at:


Q. What if my au pair isnt free to babysit or I would prefer a live out nanny:



Nanny2u is a Nanny  & Babysitting agency that specializes in providing services for families of multiples….. and everything else in between.

Today’s parents live such a hectic and busy lifestyle trying to juggle kids, work, family commitments and just day to day life – trying to maintain work/life balance sometimes seems like an impossible task.

Nanny2u can help you find the right balance, whether it is a permanent care arrangement or a casual ‘one off’ placement while you attend an event or dinner or you just need some time out for yourself.

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